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Auto Payments

Schedule a payment automatically

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You can set rules to automatically schedule a payment to be processed in Preno. By doing this, you can save time by reducing admin, and more importantly not forget to take payments from your guests.

Some example rules that we found were common during our research:

  1. Charge a % deposit x days prior to checkin

  2. Charging 100% a day before checkin, or on checkin day

  3. Charging 100% on checkout day

Create an auto payment rule

  1. Head to Settings > Auto Payments. This page will display any auto-payment rules that have been set up if there are any.

  2. Click on Create a new rule

  3. Set the rules for the auto payment by choosing:

    1. The booking source this rule applies to

    2. The percentage amount outstanding to charge

    3. When to schedule the payment. Currently you can schedule a payment when:

      1. the booking is created

      2. before, on, or after checkin date

      3. before or on checkout date

  4. Name the auto payment so that you are able to recognise the rule later on. This is not guest facing.

  5. When you are ready, click Save & start auto payment.

How does a scheduled payment appear on a booking?

A payment is scheduled when the booking matches the rule(s) you have set up for your auto payments.

You can click View details to see which rule was matched to schedule this payment.

You can also remove the scheduled payment here.

When the scheduled payment is processed successfully, it will then appear on the list of payments recorded below.

What happens when a scheduled payment fails to charge?

You will receive a notification if the scheduled payment fails, with the reason the payment has failed. For example, insufficient funds or if there were no card present on the booking.

What time are payments scheduled to process?

Generally, payments are scheduled to process based on the rule you select:

  • On booking creation: processed immediately

  • Based on Checkin date: approximately 12pm of the day

  • Based on Checkout date: approximately 8am of the day

You can view the time that the payment is scheduled on the booking itself.

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