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How to use Preno's Channel Manager

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Preno's Channel Manager is controlled directly from the Rates page in Preno. Availability is also sent from Preno.

Any changes made to the connected rates or availability in Preno will change the rates and availability in your Online Travel Agencies (OTA's) e.g.

When setting up your Channel Manager, please let our support team know which rate in Preno you would like connected to your OTA's and to your Booking Engine.

If you would like to have different prices for different OTA's and/or your Booking Engine, you can add separate rates in Preno. You can set up derived rates so they automatically update when the original rate changes.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Restrictions applied to your rates e.g. minimum nights, stop sells, CTA, CTD, etc. are also sent across to your OTA's and Booking Engine.

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