Connect with Lightspeed POS (O Series)

How to connect with Lightspeed POS (O Series) for "Bill to room"

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Have a restaurant/bar at your property? You can allow guests to bill their charges to their room and pay at checkout. Preno has integrated with Lightspeed O-Series/Kounta POS, a leading cloud-based hospitality POS platform. 

With the Preno/Lightspeed POS integration, 'Bill to room' is treated as a payment type in Lightspeed POS. The charges will automatically be sent to the guest's booking as an extra in Preno.

Enabling the connection to Lightspeed POS in Preno

To set up your connection to Lightspeed POS in Preno, go to:

  • Settings > Integrations > in the Connect with Kounta section click Enable

Preno will take you through to a login page for Lightspeed POS

  • Enter your Lightspeed POS Email Address and Password > click Log in

  • In the Authorisation Required modal, choose the company you’d like to connect > click Grant Access

You’ll then be taken back to Preno to complete your Lightspeed POS settings in Preno

  • Enter a default name for your Point-of-sale charges

  • Click Save

Once connected, the custom name you entered for Point-of-sale charges will be displayed on bookings in Preno.

Xero-connected users

Please make sure you set your Xero mappings to the correct revenue accounts.

  • Select a Revenue account code for POS Adjustment Extra

  • Select a Revenue account code for POS Extra

  • Click Save.

Your Lightspeed POS and Preno accounts will now be connected. 

Bill to room with Lightspeed POS and Preno

See our Help Article on using the Bill to room function between Lightspeed POS and Preno.

Prevent revenue doubling up between Preno and Lightspeed POS

Integrating both Preno and Lightspeed POS with Xero can lead to revenue doubling up in the Xero, but it's easy to fix. Check out this article.

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