Have a restaurant/bar at your property? You can allow guests to bill their charges to their room and pay at checkout. Preno has integrated with Kounta POS, a leading cloud-based hospitality POS platform. 

With the Preno/Kounta integration, 'bill to room' is treated as a payment type in Kounta. The charges will automatically be sent to the guest's booking as an extra in Preno.

Setting up a booking in Preno for ‘Bill to room’

Before a booking in Preno can be used for ‘Bill to room’ there are a few things that you’ll need to check. These are:

  • The booking has been Checked in in Preno 
  • Today’s date falls between the Check in and Check out date of the booking in Preno
  • Take note of the Room name for the guest in Preno.

Once you’ve checked these you can go over to Kounta and use the Bill to room function.

Adding a guest to the check out screen in Kounta

From the Kounta checkout screen you can find your Preno guest so that you can bill their purchases to their room. To find a guest:

  • From the Kounta Check Out screen click Add customer
  • In the Search and connect a customer to this order field enter the Room name for the guest in Preno
  • Click the grey magnifying glass above Preno

A list of available Preno guests will appear to choose from

  • Click on the name of the guest you would like to choose
  • Click Save in the bottom right corner
  • Click Check Out 
  • Under Other payment types choose Bill to Room
  • Enter a Reference Number of your choosing (e.g. name of guest, staff member)
  • NB: Ignore the 'Pay with Checked In Customer: This app does not have checked-in customers' message
  • Click Confirm.

Kounta will then send the transaction through to Preno as an Extra. If you would like to send or print a receipt you can enter or update the email and click Send or click Print.

View or edit the extra that has been added in Preno

Once you’ve billed the transaction to Preno you can view the details by going to

  • Bookings > search for the booking > click on the booking
  • In the Extras section look for the line with a blue Kounta logo on the right hand side, this shows that the transaction has come from Kounta
  • Click on the Kounta logo to open the details for the extra

You can then view the Bill to room amount, Kounta transaction ID, Date and Kounta Reference for the Extra.

  • Optional, tick the Bill to agent (not guests) option
  • Optional, (if Bill to agent is ticked) tick the Apply agent commission

You can void the extra by clicking Void Extra.

If you would like to view or edit the transaction in Kounta you can click on the blue Kounta logo then click on the Kounta transaction ID to be taken to the transaction in Kounta.

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