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Prevent revenue doubling up between Preno and Lightspeed POS (O Series)
Prevent revenue doubling up between Preno and Lightspeed POS (O Series)

Integrating both Preno and Lightspeed POS with Xero can lead to revenue doubling up in the Xero, but it's easy to fix

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Why does this happen?

Both Lightspeed POS and Xero have comprehensive integrations to Xero to ensure that all of your revenue is correctly accounted for. Some charges exist in both Preno and Lightspeed Kounta POS, though, so they'll end up reported twice in Xero.

By configuring both Preno and Lightspeed POS to use the same Xero account for Bill To Room transactions, you'll prevent this from being a problem.

How do I prevent this from happening?

Create a seperate account in Xero

You'll need to create a separate account for Bill to Room transactions in Xero. In Xero, go to Settings > Chart of Accounts > Add Account. The new account needs to configured like this:

The important settings are:

  • Tax needs to be set to 0. The tax will be correctly reported by Lightspeed POS when they send the final takings for the day to Xero 

  • Payments need to be enabled on this account, because Lightspeed POS will use it to pay for the Bill to Room orders.

Map the new account to Lightspeed POS

Once created, this account needs to be assigned to the Bill to Room payment method in Lightspeed POS:

Map the new account to Preno too

The same account should be used in Preno, by going to Settings > Integrations, and then clicking on the Lightspeed POS settings.

When the takings are pushed from Lightspeed POS to Xero, this will create a debit transaction that will increase that account balance. Here's an example of an invoice that Lightspeed POS creates:

Once the guest checks out and the revenue is sent from Preno, we'll send a credit to that account to offset what Lightspeed POS sent through.

This is how the account will look once Preno and Lightspeed POS are synchronised:

The two Bill To Room transactions cancel each other out. Once all of the charges from both systems are sent to Xero, the balance on that account will be 0. 

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