Bill to room

Have a restaurant/bar at your property? You can allow guests to bill their charges to their room and pay at checkout. Preno has integrated with Kounta POS, a leading cloud-based hospitality POS platform. With the Preno/Kounta integration, 'bill to room' is treated as a payment type in Kounta. The charges will automatically be sent to the guest's booking as an extra in Preno.

How to connect Kounta with Preno

  1. Go to Settings and select the Integrations tab.
  2. Find the Connect to Kounta POS section, and click on Enable.
  3. Enter your Kounta credentials to connect with Preno.
  4. Restart your Kounta app or device.
  5. You're ready to Bill to room from Kounta.

Once connected, you can set a custom name for the charges to be displayed and printed on the booking. 

Xero-connected users

Please make sure you set your Xero  mappings to the correct revenue accounts.

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