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How to add and view your rate plans in Preno

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You can add and view rate plans in Preno by clicking on the Rates tab at the top while logged into Preno.

Add a new rate

  1. Locate the room type you want the rate applied to.

  2. Click Configure rate > Add another rate

  3. Select Base

  4. Enter the rate name e.g. Rack or Standard

  5. Enter the Base rate amount and the amount of guests included in the rate

  6. If you accept additional guests at a cost, enter the Extra guest rate ($)

  7. Click Submit

If you want to charge a different rate for an individual room in a room type, try applying a custom rate when you create a booking or consider if it is a different room type.

It is recommended that you flex your rate to include weekend/seasonal/holiday prices so that way all your rates are under one rate plan rather than having multiple rate plans.

The new rate you've created here will appear as an option in the Rate drop-down list when you create a new booking.

If you'd like to map your new rate plan to your channel manager, please get in touch with our support team via the in app chat.

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