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How to add an Agent

How to add an agent to Preno, rates and contact information

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To add an Agent, you'll need to click on the Agents tab on the top toolbar.

Head to the top right-hand side of the Agents page and click the blue button that says Add new. A window will pop up for you to add Agent details and answer a couple of questions for Preno to select the correct Agent type.

  1. Agent Collect - Payment made at source

  2. Hotel Collect - Payment made at property

Note: Expedia and have specific names in Preno for it to distinguish between agent and hotel collect.

  • '' for hotel collect bookings

  • ' VCC' for agent collect

  • 'Expedia' for agent collect

  • 'Expedia Hotel Collect' for hotel collect bookings

During set up just fill in the relevant fields, decide if the agent takes the payment or not and add helpful notes on how to handle each Agent.

If you have agents that remove commission at source you can configure the agent to add the commission back to the total in Preno. Expedia Channel Collect is a good example.

Click Add, and Preno will save that Agent for you. You can now select them as a source for your booking!


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