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Customise Registration Cards
Customise Registration Cards

Registration cards for your property

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A registration card lists the booking details of each guest. You are able to print all registration cards in advance for any check in date. The following information is included:

  • Guest name

  • Guest contact details

  • Check in/check out date

  • Accommodation and extra charges

  • Nightly rate

Registration cards can be used as agreements between the guest and property especially for terms and conditions such as paying for property damage.
This can be added to the footer of registrations cards by going to
Settings>Property>Registration Card Template

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and save changes

Additional Field
If you want to add more information to the registration card such as the booking ID, simply add it in the 'Reference' field of the booking and it will be displayed.

To bulk print all the registrations for a particular day, simply go to:

  • Click the Bookings tab

  • Click on 'Print'

  • Select 'Registration Cards' then select the check in date you require

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