Different tax rates for your revenue

How to set up different tax rates for your revenue in Xero

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If you're connected to Xero, you can have different tax rates for your different sources of revenue.

Create an extra

First you will need to add an extra in Preno which you will charge your guests for on top of their accomodation. You can add extras by going to Settings > Extras > Add.

Set up the tax rate

To set up different tax rates, you will need to create a tax rate in Xero if it is not already there. You can create a tax rate by clicking Accounting > Advanced > Tax rates > New Tax Rate.

Add the account

Next you will need add the account to your Xero Chart of Accounts. When adding the account, choose 'Revenue' as the Account Type and select your tax rate from the Tax drop down box.

You can add a new account while in Xero by going to Accounting > Advanced > Chart of Accounts > Add Account.

Map the account in Preno

Lastly you will need to map your Revenue account in Xero to your extra in Preno.

You can do this by going to Settings > Integrations > Xero Settings and click + Add custom mapping under 'Extra'.

Select your Extra and map it to the relevant account in Xero.

Now when an invoice is generated in Xero, Xero will apply the tax rates assigned to the revenue accounts you've chosen.

Please note that we recommend getting in contact with your account/financial advisor with any queries about tax rates and which ones to use.

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