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How to edit/update/change/adjust your rates in Preno

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Once your rates have been setup in Preno, you can use Advance edit to adjust the rate.

Using advanced edit, you can:

  • Adjust the rate by overriding the amount, or increase it relatively by a $ amount or percentage.

  • Adjust rates for a certain period e.g. Winter season.

  • Adjust rates for selected days e.g. Weekends

If you want to apply the same rate updates across all your rate plans, consider using Bulk update instead.

How to edit your rate

  1. Go to Rates area in Preno

  2. Click on the blue rate plan you would like to edit

  3. Click Advance edit > Edit rate amount ($)

  4. Choose the date range you would like the change applied for

  5. Tick the days you would like the change applied to

  6. Choose the rate adjustment type:

    • Set amount: this will override the rate amount

    • Increase/decrease by $ amount: this will adjust the daily rate by a $ amount

    • Increase/decrease by percentage: this will adjust the daily rate by a percentage

  7. Click Submit

Rate updates to channel managers

Preno pushes rate updates 729 days into the future however after 729 days Preno pulls the rate from the same day last week.

E.g. Day 730 is a Monday and last Monday the rate was $300. This will be pulled to populate day 730.

If you would like to adjust your base rate, you will need to adjust the rate for 729 days.

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