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How to map to multiple accounts in Xero

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The Xero integration in Preno has been updated so you have more control over account mapping and can accurately track your property's different revenue sources, agent commissions and payment methods.


Accommodation: You can select a default account for general accommodation revenue. If you have several accommodation revenue accounts in Xero you can specify a separate revenue account for each room type.

To set this up: 

  • Click on '+ Add custom mapping'

  • Select a room type from the accommodation dropdown

  • Select an account

  • Then click on 'Add Mapping'

You can create an account and set it up if it's not available in the drop down. 

Extras: You can select a default account for general extras revenue or specify separate revenue codes for the extras you sell at your property. This is helpful if you want to categorise and track your various extras  e.g. mini bar purchases, function room hires, cleaning fees

To set this up, you can follow the similar instructions above.
Note: Only preset extras will be tracked so make sure when you add an extra to a booking it's from the preset list. You can find this under Settings > Extras.

Cancellations: You can select a default account for cancellation fees e.g. cancelling a booking with a deposit so that is recorded as revenue.


Agent Commission: You can select a default account for all agent commission or specify separate commission accounts for each agent you deal with.


Deposit: Only 1 current liability account can be chosen to keep track of prepayments or deposits.


Bank: You can specify a default account for all payment methods or specify separate bank accounts for different payment methods. This can help with your reconciliation process and save you time if multiple bank accounts are used.

This is important to get right!

We really recommend getting in touch with your accountant to make sure that your accounts are mapped and set up correctly. If your accountant isn't familiar with Xero, find an Advisor near you that can help.

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