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How Prepayments are allocated in Xero
How Prepayments are allocated in Xero

Workflow of how the Xero Prepayments are allocated to the final invoice

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Adding a Deposit

When a deposit is recorded in Preno for a booking, a prepayment is created in Xero.
This is because deposits are usually recorded for payments taken prior to the guest checking in, and are therefore recorded as a Prepayment in Xero as the service is yet to be provided.

A blue "Deposit" link will appear with a Xero symbol next to it taking you to the Prepayment in Xero.

You will be able to reconcile the prepayment with the corresponding bank statement line in Xero for the payment received by the guest.

There is no need to allocate the Prepayment to an invoice yourself or apply a Cash refund to it as the Prepayment will automatically be allocated to the final invoice once the booking is checked out.

Checking out the Booking

Once you've checked out the booking, Preno will create a final invoice for the booking in Xero and automatically reconcile the prepayment and all other payments to the invoice.

Click on "View full invoice" to view the final invoice in Xero.

Final invoice in Xero

When the booking is checked out, the Xero invoice will have all the payments and deposits added onto it.

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