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Checkout and fix later

Automatic Xero troubleshooting errors during checkout

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Preno automatically generates a final invoice in Xero when you check out a booking. In order for this to be successful, booking information and any payments taken needs to line up. Occasionally, this may not be successful as prepayments/invoices has been amended or voided directly in Xero.

When the final invoice cannot be pushed to Xero, Preno will automatically troubleshoot the issue and attempt to resolve the issue. Below is an example message you might see.

Checkout & fix later

If Preno cannot automatically fix the issue, then it may require manual intervention in Xero. You will be provided with a guide to do so.

Often, front desk staff my not have access to Xero. You can continue to check out the booking and fix the issue later by clicking 'Checkout & fix later'. This will mark the booking as checked out with the status of Incomplete.

To easily get a list of bookings that are Incomplete to resolve:

  1. Go to Bookings

  2. Apply the status filter Incomplete

  3. The list will display all bookings that have been checked out but requires to push to Xero

It is important to attend to these incomplete bookings to ensure invoices in Xero are up to date.

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