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Advance Edit - Rates

Different types of edits you can make to your rates in Preno

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You'll want to use Advanced edits to flex your rates for a wide date range, without needing to edit each day individually. You can edit the nightly value and change the minimum number of nights required for that rate.

You'll need to pick out the room type that you'd like to edit, click on the Rate you would like to edit and click Advanced edit. You'll have the option to either edit:

  • Rate amount

  • Minimum nights

  • Rate availability/Stop-sell

  • Close to arrival

  • Close to departure

  • Extra guest rate

Please note: When you make an Advanced edit, the update is sent through to your channel manager right away.

Rate amount:

Edit rate amount ($) allows you to edit the rate amount for a selected period. You are also able to choose what days the change applies to e.g. you want the weekend rate to only apply to Friday and Saturday.

Minimum nights

Minimum nights allows you to control how many nights the guest must stay in order for them to stay at the selected rate.

Rate availability/ Stop Sell

Rate availability allows you to control what dates the rates are available on. Tick what days you don't want guests to be able to choose the rate and select 'Off' under Rate availability.

Close to arrival

Close to arrival allows you to close the rate so guests cannot arrive on that date, however guests are still able to depart on that date.

Close to Departure

Close to departure allows you to close the rate so guests cannot depart on that date, however guests are still able to arrive on that date.

Extra guest rate

Allows you to charge an additional cost for guests that want to add an extra guest to their booking

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