7 April 2021

  • Added a 'Open in Booking.com' deep-link shortcut on bookings from Booking.com

12 April 2021 (Major Update 🚀 )

Introducing Preno's Booking Engine

  • Avoid OTA fees by collecting booking directly from your website

  • Mobile optimised for a better guest booking experience

  • Replace the 'Enquire' form, and secure bookings without the extra admin

Introducing Preno's Channel Manager

  • Increase your reach to maximise your occupancy and revenue without the extra admin

  • Connect to 50+ most popular OTAs

  • Availability and rates automatically and instantly updated and kept in sync across OTAs

15 April 2021

  • Staah Max: process fees (ie. cleaning fees) as extras automatically

19 April 2021

  • New report for NZ customers. Accommodation Data Programme (ADP) report replaces StatsNZ report, and can be automatically sent from Preno. More information here.

  • Booking notes are now combined when multiple bookings are merged.

  • Siteminder & Staah channel manager integration: highlight booking with charges discrepancies

29 April 2021

  • Credit cards automatically pulled from Staah for customers using Stripe payment gateway.

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