30 November 2020

  • Product tours: Added product tours for trialist when you join Preno and when you create a booking. The product tour guides you through the different tabs on Preno and how to create a booking.

23 November 2020

  • Re-order Room Types: You can now re-order the Room Types in Preno and how they appear on the Rates page.

10 November 2020

  • Alert added: We now show an alert on the payment modal if you have a stored card but are not charging it.

4 November 2020

  • Multiple credit cards: You can now store multiple credit cards pre booking and choose which credit card to choose when applying a payment to the booking in Preno.

3 November 2020

  • Edit Rate names: It is now possible to edit the rate names in the Rates screen in Preno.

  • Email automation: Tags can now be used in the subject line as well as the body of the email.

  • Reports: Added "Nights Sold" to the Sources report columns.

  • Unconfirmed Bookings: Removed from the Occupancy report. Still reduce the inventory in the Channel Manager.

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