You'll want to use Advanced edits to flex your rates for a wide date range, without needing to edit each day individually. You can edit the nightly value and change the minimum number of nights required for that rate. If you're using the Siteminder integration, and chose to have rates integrated too, then any changes you make here will also be updated online.

You'll need to pick out the room type that you'd like to edit, click on the Rate you would like to edit and click Advanced edit. You'll have the option to either edit:

  • Rate amount

  • Minimum nights

  • Rate availability/Stop-sell

  • Close to arrival

  • Close to departure

Flexing rates for a short date range

If you only have a day or two that you'd like to change your rates for, or if you have a wide variety of rates over a few days, you can go through and manually change the rates too. Each rate on the page is editable, so you can highlight and change them easily.

Just click on the rate that you'd like to change, and then type in the new value you want for that day.

Made a mistake? 

Press Reset changes and any rates you modified will return to their old rates. When you click Save changes, we'll update your channel manager with the rates. Any existing bookings on those dates will still have the old rates, though - you'll need to open them up and edit them for the new rate to be reflected. 

When you make an Advanced edit, the update is sent through to your channel manager right away.

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